Introducing the Flow retirement & savings app

Elevate your member's experience and results

Understand what you can expect in retirement

The Flow app receives real time fund data via the secure administrator APIs and processes the members data in the app in order to display the income that a member can expect from their investment when they retire. The Flow app applies award winning actuarial technology to the raw fund values that transforms it into easily understandable, highly engaging information that explains the concept of maintaining your lifestyle after retirement in today’s comparable terms. Flow brings benefits statements out of the traditional static, paper based, once a year engagement into the digital age of real time interaction.

Achieve higher member engagement

Flow allows members to see the impact their savings will have on their retirement in terms of how much they contribute, at what date they want to retire and even the ability to change the strategy of their investment.
For the first time members are able to play around with different scenarios and see the impact in terms of monetary value and expected income when they plan changes to their retirement parameters.
Flow demystifies the complex ideas around what the fund is targeting for the member and shows them how their personalised targets are calculated.

Have the ability to add a complete portfolio of retirement assets

In many cases the income provisions that you can expect from your retirement fund is not the only part of one’s retirement plan. It is for this reason that Flow allows members to add additional assets that they might have to their portfolio in order to see if they can sufficiently maintain their expected lifestyle once they retire. Members can add listed equities, currencies or even cryptocurrencies and receive live pricing and historic performance data. Members also have the ability to add manual assets like property, cars or even artwork that they expect to transform into retirement assets should there be a shortfall in current provisions.

Communicate more effectively with your members… automatically

Flow utilises app technologies like push notifications that can be triggered via customised rules and parameters so that members can receive real time communications from the fund for the things that matter most. No more “once a year” paper statements! With Flow communications can be sent out automatically to prompt users to open their retirement portfolio for the moments that matter.

Built in guidance for the most important decisions

Having access to financial advice at the right times in your member’s retirement journey is of utmost importance. Flow can trigger push notifications to prompt members to reach out to a financial advisor straight from the app interface.

Data driven decisions for higher uptake and usage

Be able to respond to member behaviour and proactively drive engagement with advanced analytics tracking, automated emails and push notifications. Key Metrics include:
Installs & Uptake
Activity on app
Conversion ratios
Member Engagement
Member Success Criteria

Reporting to the Fund and its members

Access reports that provides the trustees with assessments of the Fund’s financial health. Reports can detail:
Proof of success - outcomes and impact  reported back to trustees.
90% of members are on track to meet or exceed income targets.
95% of members can expect more income (avg +10%).
Consistent performance despite volatility

Maintained, constantly enhanced apps available in multiple app stores

Flow can be published to multiple platforms by using a single code base.Flow  is developed on the Flutter framework, which gives it immense capability to efficiently scale across multiple platforms. The Flow app is currently available and supported on Android, IOS as well as the Web.

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